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What's an Alternate Universe? Edit

Want to experience the same characters but in a different format or style? Eager to see newer worlds and meet some familiar and new friends and foes alike? Well, you can learn about these fantastic Alternate Universes right here! The best part of all these Alternate Universes is that they're all cannon, in some capacity that is.

Meet the Cast Edit

Within the canonical storyline, you will meet several characters, but what and who are they? Well, you can learn about all your new favorite characters and the universe they live in here!

Check out the new show Party Peril! Edit

Party Peril is a great new show featuring 21 contestants who are all battling to win a grand prize, still unrevealed to the contestants. Better yet, a familiar face is hosting once again! Follow and enjoy the story within the 23 episodes that this series has to offer.

Not a Fan of Party Peril? Try Gram instead! Edit

Gram's Game is a new show featuring 20 stolen contestants from Party Peril Season 2 with an all new host. Check in and see how much better Gram's Game is!

Catch up with King Pig's shenanigans! Edit

King Pig comes of as a very present force in each and every storyline. But who is he and what does he do for a living? Well, you can learn so much about this lovable booger right here!

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